The consequences of the combination of de-carbonisation of energy generation and the re-tooling of energy consumption has led to buoyant trading conditions for software and service companies in the energy sector.

Presser & Co has and continues to provide leadership in M&A in these industry sectors and works with global network of buyers and sellers in the sector.

Presser & Co is a world leader in M&A services to software vendors in energy billing, customer care, smart meter data management and energy analytics. We also serve sectors such as energy grid management, demand response, energy management systems, grid analytics, energy trading, energy risk management and internet of things applications that form part of the energy revolution.

  • Billing & customer care
  • Smart meter data management
  • Grid analytics
  • Energy management systems
  • Energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems
  • IoT



Like the energy sector, the telecommunications sector is now becoming indistinguishable from information technology where mobility and interactivity combine with a movement away from the centralisation of services to form new technologies and applications.

Presser & Co’s core and global M&A reputation in telco billing is now extending to other allied sectors, such as M&A services to the new sectors of the analytics, the Internet of Things and Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies.

Telco BSS software applications including:

  • Billing & customer care (BSS)
  • policy response, monetisation solutions
  • PAYTV billing & customer management systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Block-chain / Cryptocurrency applications
  • Payment systems
  • Billing & customer care

Technology Applications

The tumultuous changes occurring in the energy and telecommunications sectors are impacting other areas of technology. Presser & Co, through its founder Trevor Presser, has a long history in the commercialisation of technologies that apply to sectors such as manufacturing, mining and other trade sectors.


Presser & Co leverages its global network, its particular expertise in cross-border M&A, its mid-market buyer contacts and its nimbleness, leanness and professionalism to assist clients in other sectors.

Presser & Co partners with its clients through its ability to align project incentives to its client’s goals. Unlike the traditional all-things-to-all-people Bulge Banks, Presser & Co’s low operating cost structure, limited service offering, international outlook and network is appealing to mid-market and multi-nationals alike.